impact of Sleep and climate change

sleep impact

Studies have shown that air pollution, temperature, and existential dread are all harmful to your impact of Sleep. As climate change affects the environment, most of us envision wildfires filling the skies with smoke, hurricanes pounding coastal regions, rising sea levels, flooding, and other apocalyptic scenarios.  Human impacts of climate change include tornadoes and ice […]

Sleeping Differently with the Seasons


Don’t let the seasonal weather or light changes prevent you from getting enough sleeping. Solution is fairly simple. Each season brings to mind a picturesque image: spring flowers, summer beaches, cozy fall fires, and bundled winters. Getting the most out of all four seasons means enjoying all of their unique characteristics – as well as […]

Getting to sleep better by listening to bedtime stories for adults

sleep better

Even aromatherapy seemed ineffective to me – even after trying melatonin, counting backwards, breathing techniques, etc. It did not help. Every night, I tossed and turned, drifted off, only to wake up several hours later. Calm, a meditation app, introduced me to sleep stories. When I first heard the app’s promise to lull users to […]