The Ultimate Hidden Secrets of Coffee Nap & Why You Should Do That?

coffee nap in the morning

A quick power nap can incredibly boost our energy, productivity, and provide the focus of mind during the daytime.

While at work or somewhere else, a short nap can enhance our performance and give peace of mind.

A coffee nap can be defined as, drinking a cup of coffee and then taking a quick afternoon sleep.

Before taking a power nap of 20 minutes, drink coffee to maximize alertness.

Coffee nap helps us to sleep well and boost our energy level because of its effect on adrenaline, a chemical that boosts sleep.

When you feel tired due to work at the office or somewhere else,  the level of adrenaline starts to increase in your body.

Adrenaline levels begin to drop while you take a daytime nap or sleep at night.

The caffeine available in the coffee passes through your small intestine and gets absorbed into your bloodstream, it crosses into your brain.

caffeine competes with adrenaline for blocking the receptors in your brain. Therefore, you feel less sleepy because caffeine prevents adrenaline from being received by your brain.

Modern study shows that drinking coffee before a daytime nap may boost your performance, as sleep helps your body to decrease the level of adrenaline in your body and caffeine compete with adrenaline for the receptors in your brain.

From the above discussion, we can say that coffee nap may increase your energy level and enhance your performance more than just sleeping or drinking a coffee alone.

Time to take Coffee Naps

The best time to take coffee naps, while you’re at work or somewhere else is just select the perfect corner to fall asleep for just 15 to 20 minutes.

This sleep timing is best because it takes about that long to feel the effects of coffee caffeine.

If you sleep for about one hour or more than you fall into a type of deep sleep known as slow wave sleep.

While you wake up during the deep sleep then sleep inertia happens,  a state where you feel disorientation, drowsiness and decline in motor dexterity.

To prevent sleep inertia, you must limit your coffee nap to less than 30 minutes. The time of the day also matters and important to take coffee naps.

Amount of Coffee you drink

Most people are interested to take coffee naps to boost their energy levels and improve alertness.

For this purpose, keep in your mind the type and amount of coffee you drink.

Drinking coffee with added flavors and sugars before taking daytime sleep may decrease the effectiveness of a coffee nap.

The dose of caffeine is equal to approximately two cups of coffee and some people take caffeine pills before a nap.

The excess amount of caffeine available in your coffee can cause restlessness, muscle tremors, anxiety, and other issues in your body.

While taking coffee naps to enhance your performance and energy levels, you need to be mindful of the type of coffee and the available amount of caffeine you consume.

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