[#1 Ultimate Guide] Best Diet For Sleeping Better!

foods that help you sleep through the night

Food and sleep : When it comes to sleeping diet, the best way to get yourself ready for a goodnight sleep is by having a light supper consisting of only fibers and carbs.

Try to time your supper at least 2 hours before going to bed.

If you are actively doing sports, you can take some extra magnesium in your body.

Bananas can help your digestive system clean itself, also honey, bananas and raisins make an ideal combination for a healthy supper in which you can eat large quantities of food and not starve yourself.

Sleep and liquids: Try avoiding large amounts of fluids but keep yourself hydrated enough so you don’t feel exhausted from dehydration in the morning.

Have a cup of herbal tea or hot coco to help you relax before going to the land of dreams.

Exercises should be avoided.Do not exercise before going to bed. Exercise makes you heart pump more blood and delivers extra oxygen into your brain which makes you rather wake than asleep.

Other products you should avoid At all cost, avoid alcohol, tobacco, caffeine (which include black and green tea), these products affect your blood vessel and make your respiratory system lack in oxygen, since oxygen is the primarily blood cells fuel, it can disturb your midnight rest.

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