[#Ultimate Guide] Best Health benefits of napping

health benefits of napping during the day

If you feel daytime napping felt you lazy, then you are wrong.

Studies show that an afternoon 10 to 20 minutes power nap can help you to improve alertness, mood, and performance.

After getting 20 minutes of napping you feel more energized and creative. If you are looking for an answer to how to sleep better at night naturally, then try the Power Nap!

A power nap can enhance your mind skill and attention, while an hour to 90 minutes of power napping brings the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and enhance new connection in the brain and also solving the creative problems.

The best time to power nap is right after lunch.

Types Of Napping

Preparatory Napping

If you’re tired earlier before going to bed at night, then planned napping can be useful to overcome your daytime tiredness. If you are giving someone advice on how to make someone sleep , then giving advice on having a Preparatory Napping is the best thing to do!

Emergency Napping

This type of napping occurs while you are using a heavy and dangerous machine and suddenly tired and can’t able to continue your work more.

Habitual Napping

Habitual napping can be defined as a practice of taking a nap at the same time of each day. You might take a short nap after taking lunch each day.

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Top Benefits of Power Naps

Boosts Alertness & Productivity

For a quick bost of your mood and alertness, you need 20 to 30 minutes of power nap for getting back your energy. A short nap can enhance performance, restore alertness and also can help in reducing mistakes.

Even NASA researched about power nap on sleepy military pilots and astronauts.

NASA found that  30 to 40 minutes nap each day can improve performance by 34% and 100%.

Another study discovered that planned power naps in the workplace improved the performance and alertness of workers, especially in emergency departments.

Memory & Learning

Powe nap can also help you to enhance your memory and learning capacity. Researchers have discovered that power naps as short as 6 to 10 minutes can enhance your memory and learning capacity.

Set an alarm to make sure you get 30 minutes of sleep and enhance creativity and learning.

Overcome your Stress

A short 20 to 30 power nap can help lower routine tension and decrease your risk of heart disease.

The timeframe between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm is optimal, so schedule your regular napping during optimal hours.

When your energy and blood sugar starts to dip due to stress, then take a short nap to overcome your stress.

New research is presented at the American College of Cardiology that people who tool midday nap experienced decreased in blood pressure as compared with those who didn’t nap.

Boosts Testosterone

Researchers discovered that the level of testosterone depends upon the amount of sleep you get, more you sleep, the level of testosterone steadily rise. 

Most men today are sleep deprived, which is the main factor of declining testosterone levels in men.

The men who slept 4 hours a day had roughly 60% less serum testosterone than men who slept for seven to eight hours a day.

A midday power nap not only does sleep boost but it also helps manage testosterone levels in men.