[#1 Guide] The Afternoon Sleep Disadvantages!

sleeping in afternoon is good or bad

Napping isn’t always the best option for everyone, especially for those who have trouble sleeping at any place other than their own bed.

For most people, The quality of nighttime sleep doesn’t affect by sort naps.

But if you’re facing insomnia then napping might worsen your sleeping problem at night.

A short nap is always good for health at noon and they can increase your productivity level, focus, and refresh your mind. But, long naps are bad for health and can cause serious problems. 

Here are some negative effects of sleeping/napping in the afternoon!

Late Sleeping

If you take a nap late in the afternoon or close to your night sleep time, then it can seriously disrupt your sleep at night. A long nap in the daytime causes a bad impact on the length and the quality of your nighttime sleep. Avoid long nap in the afternoon, if you have sleeping problems at night. A long nap can mess your internal body clock and ruin your sleep cycle at night, and late sleeping is not good for health.


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Fatigue can be defined as overall tiredness of the body after work or you feel a lack of energy when you wake up. The feeling of fatigue is different and isn’t the same as simple feeling drowsy. This feeling can happen due to oversleeping, even at night, you will wake up moody and too lazy. A long nap converts your body lazy and fatigued.


The feeling of disorientation and confusions while you awakening from deep sleep is known as Sleep inertia. This state lasts for a few minutes to a half-hour, after you awake from a deep sleep. When your nap is more than 10 to 20 minutes then you will face sleep inertia. Sleep inertia creates a problem for those people who nap for longer periods.

Risk of Heat

Heart disease and sleep deprivation are extremely common nowadays, both are connected with higher mortality rates. Researchers show that afternoon sleep can increase the risk of heart failure for those people who already have it. There is a 65% higher risk of stroke in those people who slept a long nap in the afternoon and their sleep time is longer than 9 hours as compared to those people who slept fewer than 6 hours.

Life Expectancy

Modern research shows that the risk of all-cause mortality increased by 32% for long naps. Taking long naps longer than one hour could lower your life expectancy and increase the risk of death from all causes. Your afternoon sleep should be 20 to 30 minutes long to avoid any serious cause.

Sleep disorders

If you’re facing sleeping problem at night such as insomnia than you are not advised to take an afternoon sleep. Sleeping disorder is mostly absent in afternoon naps, people sufferers of insomnia are hearten to sleep during the night. Avoid afternoon sleep, because night sleep is more important and beneficial for health as compared with the afternoon sleep.

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