Tips from our Year of Covering Sleep

great sleep

A Tips for a great sleep for many more years to come.

Aiming to help Americans sleep better, was launched in August 2020.

Often, it is easier to say than to do.

Moreover, we launched in the middle of a global health crisis that has resulted in widespread anxiety and sleeplessness.

Our sleep experts have worked with dozens of writers, doctors, scientists, psychologists, and sleep specialists to help you get the sleep you need for your life to be the best it can be. As a result, we’ve done absolutely everything, except sleep on the job.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips to help you sleep better, plus the products you’ve loved Are you familiar with it? .

When you get home from work, you change into your pajamas, turn off the lights, and snuggle under your comfortable covers. The clock shows 11:59, and you are wide awake as you stare at it in frustration and desperation.

Have you ever been there before? We’re here for you. A 2020 study in Sleep reported that 25 percent of people suffer from acute insomnia every year.

Taking sleeping pills may help you snooze, but don’t do it. Even though prescription drugs can make you pass out, they don’t provide the kind of restorative sleep your brain and body need to feel refreshed.

Sleeping pills only improve sleep by 35 minutes, frequently cause drowsiness the second day, and can lead to dependence, says the American Association of Sleep Medicine. Additionally, some people find that once they stop taking them, they sleep worse than before.

great sleep

Keeping dreaming is the key to achieving success.

The 12 top tips we learned from a year covering sleep

  1. Sleeping in a cool, dark bedroom is ideal.
  2. Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about how many hours you slept.
  3. If you turn off your blue light an hour before you go to bed, you shouldn’t have any problems.
  4. It’s important to start winding down several hours before bedtime.
  5. You can fall asleep faster by journaling before bed.
  6. Maybe you use social media late at night to punish yourself for using the internet before bed.
  7. For great sleep position You can sleep better if you clean your room.n support, tuck your pillows under or between your knees.
  8. You may be able to find happiness through a sleep divorce.
  9. You can customize your sleep setup by using an adjustable base.
  10. If you’re overheating, you should take a cold shower (unless a hot bath is making you sleepy).
  11. The math of sleep debt: You can sleep for four days to make up for one hour of sleep lost.
  12. A clean bedroom can help you sleep better.

During these times of uncertainty, stress, and working from home, sleep’s ability to restore us has never been more important.

There is a lot more to achieving the perfect, modern sleep environment than simply removing electronics from the bedroom.

The right colors, sounds, smells, and lighting can enhance your bedding experience. Our writers explore all of the latest products to help you get the perfect night’s sleep.