Top things to do when you can’t sleep at Night!

things to do when you can't sleep

You are going to face constant sleeping problem in your life when you’re not tired. Then don’t you worry. There are many tools you can use to relax your mind and body to make yourself sleep faster.

You need to change your routine to make it easier to fall asleep at night or even you feel wide awake. Here are some powerful ways to fall asleep faster, even if you’re not tired.

Here are the top things to do when you can’t sleep at night !

Comfortable Room

Your room should be a perfect place for sleeping. Avoid all unwanted things from your bedroom, that can stop you getting good sleep. You need to remove things like noisy computers or the tik tok sound of a wall clock. Check that your bed mattress is comfortable for your sleep and turn it over every week and also change your pillowcases every week for better and fast sleep at night.


Meditation is a natural and powerful way of relaxing your mind and body and best things to do when you can’t sleep and are bored Just Sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes, simply breathe naturally and focus on inhalation and exhalation of your body while breathing.


If you always wondered and asked yourself questions like “why can’t i sleep even though i’m tired?” then it means you lack exercise. A daily workout can help you to fall asleep easier and faster.  

After a really long hard day of work, exercise and other activities, you’re so tired and you just need sleep. When you’re watching TV all day,  drink lots of coffee and no work to do than sleep becomes difficult. Therefore, do some exercise during the day and get sleep well and fast.

Don’t look at the time

Looking at the clock while trying to sleep just reminds you that you’re not falling asleep and you’ve to awake for work in the morning on time.

Also dont ask yourself the same questions again and again as “how can i sleep through the night without waking up/”. It just makes you stress out even more. Don’t be panic, hide the clock and just keep calm and relax for getting sleep fast at night.

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Warm Bath Before Bed

Take bath before bed can really relax your body. Hot water bath benefits a lot to body and soothe your body muscles and help in a system reset. You can also add some lavender oil to the bathwater for more relaxation and getting sleep faster.

Read Something 

Reading books or novel just before going to bed is a great idea to feel tired enough to sleep at night.Reading before bed helps sleep even If you’re not even tired, just read for half an hour, you’ll feel tired enough to sleep. Reading books or something else is the best and effective way to fall asleep faster.

Stop Napping

Too much napping during the day can ruin your night sleep. If you want to have a nap in the day time, then limit them to only 30 minutes in the afternoon.

“If i take a nap can i sleep less at night”

Your day time nap should not more than 2 hours otherwise, it’ll stop you to sleep at night.


Getting lots of sunshine during the day increases the level of production of serotonin(wake up hormone) in your body. When the level of serotonin increased in your body, it helps make you more tired and your body starts producing melatonin (a hormone of the sleep-wake cycle). Always try to wake up with the sunrise, and go to sleep shortly.

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